Software, SAAS & Cloud Technologies

TLG has 20-year track record of working within the software sector. We have partnered with a variety of public and private companies – from start-ups to clients with public listings. At each interaction point, we have worked at a high level to enhance or alter a team that already has lots of capability. In addition, we have assisted some of the world’s best-known venture and private equity firms to help forge new companies and reshape existing ones.

Please see our partners’ bios to understand their unique qualifications for this highly specialized area.

Companies are embracing application software and cloud computing on an unprecedented scale - to both access and provide a growing variety of services on demand over the Internet. By allowing greater scalability, mobility and speed to market, application software and cloud computing describes how organizations do business today.

+ Good Technology

Software for Secure Mobile Solutions

Position: VP Human Resources

Position: VP Tax and Treasury

Position: VP and Chief Accounting Officer

Position: CIO

Position: Senior Director, FP&A

+ NolioSoft

Application Service Automation

Position: VP Technology Services

+ Documentum

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Position: Board Member

+ Enquisite

Search Marketing Solutions

Position: VP Marketing

Position: VP Business Development

+ B&A

Enterprise Learning, Talent Manager, and Talent Aquisition

Position: SVP Global Sales and Services

+ Sybase

Enterprise and Mobile Databases

Position: SVP Services

Position: AP

Position: VP Services

Position: China

+ Jump

Education Technology

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

+ Glass Lab Games

Saas education platform

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Position: Vice President of Marketing

+ Power TV

Interactive Digital TV Services

Position: COO

+ Indorse

Software Security

Position: VP Sales

+ Verix

Business Intelligence Software

Position: VP Sales & Marketing

Position: VP North America Sales

+ HyperRoll

Data Warehouse Software

Position: VP Global Sales

+ Penguin

Fully Integrated Infrastructure Solutions

Position: SVP Worldwide Sales

+ Synchro

Cost Effective Solution for Deploying and Managing Server-Based Virtual Desktops

Position: CEO

+ 247

Customer engagement solutions

Position: Chief Revenue Officer

+ Crown & Caliber

Saas education platform

Position: Chief Marketing Officer


TV Provider for Retailers

Position: EVP Marketing

+ Borland

Software Development Process Applications

Position: SVP Worldwide Sales

+ Fortify Software

Position: VP Sales

Position: COO

Position: President - Public Sector

+ Mark Logic

XML Servers

Position: VP Worldwide Sales

Position: VP Financial Services

+ HandySoft

Workflow Software Vendor

Position: CEO

+ Voxify

Integrated Speech Solutions to Automate Customer Interactions

Position: VP Global Sales

+ Open Garden

the second internet

Position: VP Product

+ Rovia

Travel Technology

Position: President

Position: Vice President of Marketing

+ Fastsoft

Internet Video Accelerator

Position: CEO

+ Oracle

Leading Products for Tandem Database Extraction

Position: CEO

+ Nominum

Network Naming and Addressing Solutions

Position: VP Federal Systems Division.

+ Nimsoft

Performance Monitoring Solutions

Position: VP Sales

Position: VP Marketing

+ Tealeaf

Independent Spin-Off of SAP

Position: VP Global Sales

+ Liquid Engines

Financial Services Applications

Position: VP Sales

+ Acme Security

One of the largest privately held security systems integrators in the US

Position: CEO

+ MarketTools

Internet-Based Surveys

Position: CFO

+ WebSide Story

Real-Time Customer Intelligence Solutions

Position: VP Sales

+ Perquest

Innovative Payroll Services

Position: VP Business Development

Position: VP Sales

+ Blue Pumpkin

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Position: VP Global Sales

+ Gracenote

Critical Embedded Software and Metadata

Position: VP Sales

+ Chiliad

Data Warehouse Analytics

Position: VP Sales

Position: Chairman

+ Flux

SaaS based data exchange and collaboration platform for desinging buildings and cities of tomorrow

Position: Head of Sales

+ ChargePoint

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions Company

Position: VP of Business Development

Position: VP of Worldwide Sales

+ ITM Software

IT Business Management Applications

Position: VP Sales

+ Everdream

Hosted Desktop Management Service

Position: VP Global Sales

Position: VP Marketing

+ Nastel

Performance Management Software

Position: VP Marketing

+ Accellion

Provider of On-Demand Secure File Transfer Solutions

Position: CEO


+ Academix Direct

Education Performance Marketing

Position: President

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Position: SVP Business Development and Client Services


Saas education platform

Position: Senior Vice President of Business Development