“A Player” executives have often made all the difference by drawing in quality executive talent and raising the general standard of the company. In the complicated world of retail, those at the helm of an organization require track records of success to face the challenges brought on by ever-changing, sophisticated and intricate retail markets. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the retail sector has enabled us to find and deliver relevant talent that meets, and often exceeds, client goals and expectations.

Omni-Channel Retail

The retail and apparel industries have been subject to intense change across all functions and channels, and that pace has only increased in recent years. Digital technologies and the rise of online shopping have given consumers unparalleled access to product and information, with around-the-clock interaction and shopping at the touch of a finger becoming part of the new reality. Small specialty shops, large retailers or big-box superstores – all are finding it increasingly necessary to capture and retain executives with an “A Player” status.

+ WeWork

Contemporary Office Space

Position: Head of Operations

+ One

Accessible and Affordable Health Care

Position: Vice President of Strategy

+ Boudin

Fast Casual Restaurant

Position: President

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Position: Executive Vice President, Marketing

+ Levi

Women and Men’s Fashion Retailer

Position: Director of Merchandising

Position: VP ecommerce

Position: Director Marketing, Womens

Position: Director CRM

Position: Director Retail Marketing

Position: Director Digital Platforms

Position: Director Denizen/Signature

+ Coldwater Creek

Women's Fashion Retailer

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

+ Ella Moss

Women’s Fashion Retailer

Position: Chief Financial Officer

+ Williams Sonoma

Luxury Furniture and Home Décor Company

Position: SVP Digital Creative



Athletic Shoe and Fashion Retailer

Position: Vice President Retail

Position: Vice President Sales

+ Splendid

Women’s Fashion Retailer

Position: Chief Financial Officer

+ Best Buy

Electronics Retailer Chain

Position: Vice President of Digital Strategy

+ Prairie Berry

Winery and Restaurant Group

Position: CMO


+ FAO Schwarz

Toy store

Position: Vice President Retail Operations

Position: Head of Planning and Merchandising

+ Harry & David

Specialty Retailer

Position: Senior Vice President/GM Retail


Private Equity Firm

Position: Executive Recruiting

Position: Executive due diligence on potential investment

Position: Leadership Advisory


+ Meow Wolf

Immersive Entertainment

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Position: Vice President Merchandising

Position: Vice President Human Resources


Private Equity Brand Marketing

Position: Director of Digital Strategy

+ Charlotte Russe

Women’s Fashion Retailer

Position: Director of Marketing